Tuesday 13. April 2021

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Migration & Asylum
a welcoming Europe?

Our proposals on Migration and Asylum:


# Instead of detention centres, the EU should fund the creation of community centres where immigrants and asylum seekers can be accommodated in a more humane and dignified way. Read more


# Adopt a European asylum system enabling people to apply for asylum in EU countries of their choice. Read more


# Ensure that Member States are held accountable for unjustified restrictions in the interpretation  and application of the Family Reunification Directive that are contrary to its objective of enabling family life.


# Through the “Asylum and Migration Fundinvest more resources in the under-resourced protection systems in countries at EU entry points. Read more

Debate with MEPs on #EUmigration :



Which Parliamentary Committee is in charge of Migration and Asylum?


  • Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE)

This Parliamentary Committee is besides the protection of fundamental rights within the EU and combating discrimination and crime also responsible for issues related to migration and asylum.


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Agenda: Next Committee meetings Read more



 Facts on immigration in the EU


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