Sunday 5. December 2021


‘Christianity has shaped who we are as Europeans’


My name is Kathia and I was born and raised in Belgium. Both my parents were born and raised in Germany, but grew up in a Belgian military community, both have German mothers and Belgian fathers. As a child, I often crossed the border with Germany and I still remember border controls. Since then, I have resided in several European nations myself, for different reasons and lengths of time. And then there is all the travelling on top of that. It is so easy and enjoyable to hop from one country to another. I cannot even imagine border controls within the European Union nowadays…


Growing up in Belgium and spending time in Germany, I was able to learn several languages, one better than the other of course, and through my living abroad and travelling around I discovered how learning a language really is a gateway to the culture of a nation and a people. I got so fascinated with the diversity of languages and cultures, the differences in food and traditions in Europe, yet how they are all interrelated, having influenced one another throughout the centuries. It is so typically and uniquely Europe. Very interestingly, I learned so much more about my own identity as a Belgian, rubbing shoulders with all these other different identities.

One of the most fascinating things about Europe however, visiting the different nations of the Union, is that wherever you go, from Spain to Latvia, from Greece to Ireland, you’ll find churches, monasteries and abbeys everywhere. They tell the story of the common thread, Christianity, which has shaped who we are as Europeans and how we are interrelated. You can go anywhere and worship God, in different ways and languages, still the same God…



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